Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience?
None at all is needed. We just need enthusiasm!

Is there and age limit?
Minimum age is 18 years old.

Where are the classes?
All classes are at Unit 2 Centremead, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES.

Is there Parking?
Yes – Plenty. Right outside the premsis. And it’s free!

What happens if I am running late?
Don’t panic. Don’t rush. If you have access to phone simply call on 01865 811529 with your ETA. If it goes through to the answerphone please leave a message. It’ll be checked shortly before the course is about to start

What time are the classes?
Please arrive at 6.30pm.
Class starts at 6.45pm and finish at 9.45pm
They may run over or under by 10-15mins.

Does the class involve cooking?
No. These are butchery classes, not cookery classes. That said our expert butchers will give you handy tips on cooking the meat.

Can I gift the vouchers?
Absolutely – all vouchers will come in presentation box.

What will I eat?
The butchers taking the class will cook you a fabulous meal based on the theme of the evening. For example, if you attend the lamb course you will feast on some beautiful slow cooked pulled lamb with some roasties. Pudding and wine will be provided. The meal is only for participants.

What happens if my voucher is about to expire?
Please book a course before the expiry date; the class you book can take place after the expiry date. We can not extend the expiry date.

Is uniform provided?
Yes. Butchers coats, safety gloves, knives will be provided

Is the room cold?
No. We are not working in a fridge. The room will be between 19-23c

What happens if I don’t know anyone else on the course?
Don’t worry – we are very friendly and will make you feel welcome. Many people gives their partners the Butchery Course as a gift. Payment:
The Butcher’s Kitchen is part of R R Alden Oxford Ltd. This entry will appear on your bank statement.